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Audiobook Bay is an online platform offering a vast collection of free audiobooks. It’s popular for its extensive library and user-friendly interface but faces challenges like domain changes and phishing sites.

Users can download audiobooks for free using a simple process that involves searching for titles and downloading via torrent. A direct download option is available but may require a subscription fee.

VPN users blocked

As reported by several users, ABB has started to block users tunneling their traffic through a VPN. Alternatively, there are a handful of proxy sites to access ABB anyway.

Audiobook Bay official URL and proxy

ABB’s former domain is still active but can’t be accessed from every country. Working Audiobook Bay proxies are listed here.

Audiobook Bay down for visitors in some countries

Visitors from various countries are blocked from accessing Audiobook Bay’s torrent site Several social media reports suggest that the site can be visited from the US and European countries. People using a VPN can check through other locations to find a server from where Audiobook Bay can be accessed.

Like other blocked sites can be unblocked and fully accessed by using a VPN service. A VPN hides the visitor’s real IP address and geo location. VPN users can choose from a huge selection of VPN server locations worldwide to access a blocked website.

Audiobook Bay is currently accessible from:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • France
  • Norway

Audiobook Bay is down/blocked in:

  • India
  • US
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

Please let us know in the comments from where you can access and from where it seems to be blocked.

Audiobook Bay’s new domain 

The audio book torrent site ABB has switched to a new domain: ABB’s old URL and latest main URL do now redirect to the new .nl domain.

Audiobook Bay (ABB) offers audiobook torrents in many languages and sorts it’s content in many categories. It also runs a forum containing a section for audiobook requests. The torrent site requires that one register an account in order to see the full torrent magnet links.

The torrent site cites a definition of audio books on their pages as follow:

An audiobook is a recording that is primarily of the spoken word as opposed to music. While it is often based on a recording of commercially available printed material, this is not always the case. It was not intended to be descriptive of the word “book” but is rather a recorded spoken program in its own right and not necessarily an audio version of a book.

Audiobook Bay Alternatives

  • 1. MyAnonaMouse (MAM)
    MyAnonaMouse not only has a great selection of both audio and ebooks but also musicology and radio content
  • 2. Bibliotik(BiB)
    An private e-learning tracker also listing audiobook torrents
  • 3. ABTorrents (ABT)
    ABTorrents is a well-known private tracker for plenty of hard to find and unique audiobooks


Site Categories

  • children
  • teen & young adult
  • adults
  • the undead
  • action
  • adventure
  • art
  • autobiography & biographies
  • business
  • computer
  • contemporary
  • crime
  • detective
  • doctor who
  • education
  • fantasy
  • general fiction
  • historical fiction
  • history
  • horror
  • humor
  • lecture
  • lgbt
  • literature
  • litrpg
  • misc. non-fiction
  • mystery
  • myth hunting
  • paranormal
  • plays & theater
  • poetry
  • political
  • postapocalyptic
  • radio productions
  • romance
  • sci-fi
  • science
  • self-help
  • shtf
  • spiritual & religious
  • sports
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • true crime
  • tutorial
  • westerns
  • anthology
  • bestsellers
  • classic
  • documentary
  • full cast
  • libertarian
  • military
  • novel
  • short story
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