MyAnonaMouse - a really great torrent site for ebooks, audio books and a bunch of music stuff (invites not too difficult to get)


Best tracker to start for ebooks and audiobooks

MyAnonaMouse (MAM) is a large ebooks and audiobooks torrent source. The ebooks collection is ranging from current blockbuster releases to those rare gems. MyAnonaMouse not only has a great selection of both audio and ebooks but also musicology and radio content. MAM has a big community which is very friendly, in general the site is very community focused. In fact, the rules about the community are longer than the rules about torrents.

MyAnonaMouse users describe the private tracker as follows:

  • no harsh rules
  • friendly staff
  • lots of E-Learning content
  • no pornographic/erotic content
  • easy ratio maintaining

Torrent collection for fans and musicians

Musicians will find lick libraries, sheet music and instructional media. Ebooks can be found in many different versions (mobile, high quality) and formats like PDF and EPUB.

Ebook torrents alternative to other trackers

MyAnonaMouse might be a good alternative for everyone who can’t get into hard to join e-learning tracker Bibliotik.

Invite interviews on IRC

At this time, invites on IRC are only available in two time slots:

  • Saturday 08:00 GMT to Sunday 09:00 GMT
  • Wednesday 08:00 GMT to Thursday 09:00 GMT

The official MAM channels on (6697) are and #trivia.

My Anonamouse – new name, new domain

Social media reports that MAM was originally called Anonamouse until the owner of the domain blocked the SysOp and someone else set up MyAnonamouse.

Site Categories

  • audiobooks
  • ebooks
  • music
  • instructional media
  • music book
  • radio


List of the Best MyAnonaMouse Proxy & Mirror Sites

Proxy / Mirror Site Type Speed Status MIRROR LOST

MAM IRC Channels

Server –
Trivia #trivia

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