Racing For Me (RFM) is on of the most popular sports tracker providing car and moto racing content. The private torrent site tracks all kind of motor sports like F1, MotoGB, Nascar, American Open Wheelers, Rally, racing documentaries and more.

Racing For Me Racing For Me
Racing For Me is a private tracker specializing in only motor sports content

With database of about 20K+ members and 157K+ torrents with different categories including american open wheelers, formula 1, motoGP, motorbikes, rally, sports cars, etc…

There is no bonus system, so seeding is quite difficult but you can survive

The forums are not so active while the shoutbox is more active

It is ratio-based, so keep a minimum 0.5 ratio, do not ‘hit and run’ on files, seed and share your files for as long as possible

Content is available for downloading via torrent or NZB

Everyone can upload torrents or NZB’s

For every motorsport lover, this is awesome tracker for sure

online for 1063 days
invite only – signups closed

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