MMA Torrents (MMAT) is a private tracker, although you can get an invite with a $10 donation. I can vouch it’s legit, has lots of mma content, as well as BJJ and other martial arts.

MMA-Tracker is also legit, but the pathways in are much harder. If you do want to get into other private trackers your best bet is to have a friend who can help. If you keep a lookout on r/OpenSignups you may see FileList or TorrentLeech occasionally open up. That way can you get into a decent private tracker (although no MMA), but they won’t help much in terms of working towards the better trackers. If you don’t know anyone who can invite you, the best bet is to do the RED interview and work your way up. There are paths into MMA-Tracker once you’re in, but it’s a long road.

MMA Torrents
MMA Torrents

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