Asian DVD Club

Asian DVD Club

AsianDVDClub was one the best tracker for Asian DVD’s/BD’s on the Internet since 2005. Unfortunately it shutdown several months ago and all its content has been deleted. It reopened a short time ago.
Asian DVD Club
– There are currently 2600 users and 1200 torrents. Anime and asian live action content.

– The ratio is easy to maintain since there is a lot of freeleech torrents, and many don’t have a seedbox. You can use your bonus points to freeleech torrents for 5 days.

– To get bonus points you can simply share torrents, or participate in the community.

– Elite user can give one invite per month and Monster user can give two per month.

– You can make a donation, only if the site needs it.

Asian DVD Club (ADC) is private tracker focused on Asian DVD torrents.
online for 63 days
invite only – signups closed

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