Remote Torrent Adder

Remote Torrent Adder

Add torrents using several programs' WebUIs


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This chrome extension allows you to send torrents with one click from your browser to your remote or local Bittorrent client. Remote Torrent Adder utilizes the WebUIs of modern BitTorrent clients to automatically open the downloaded torrent in the user’s BitTorrent client. It even works on private trackers that require cookies.

Torrent client’s web interfaces supported by Remote Torrent Adder include Vuze SwingUI, Vuze Remote WebUI, Vuze HTML WebUI, uTorrent WebUI , Transmission WebUI, ruTorrent (rtorrent) WebUI, pyrt (rtorrent) WebUI, Torrentflux WebUI, Deluge WebUI, qBittorrent WebUI, Buffalo WebUI, NodeJS-rTorrent, Hadouken and Tixati.

Remote Torrent Adder Remote Torrent Adder Remote Torrent Adder

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